Refunds policy

If your transaction needs a refund, please contact our accounts team within 7 days of taking payment via email: or calling 0113 236 3989 with your reference number.

Refunds are issued if:

There has been a system error in the payment. 
There has been a problem with your shipment and it has not taken place. 
If you no longer require the service that you have booked with us and require a refund.* 
If you have made payment against your invoice by mistake or more than once. **
We have made an error with your booking and the total amount needs to be refunded.

*Refunds shall be issued under this circumstance´╗┐ only if you give a minimum of 72 hours notice before your good are due for collection. There maybe a nominal admin fee if you are not within these limits and or the whole charge for your shipment. 

** A nominal admin fee may be charged for this.